Chatting online is something people of all ages can enjoy! Thanks to technology, you can chat live with people right through your browser or you can take it a step further and actually download chat programs to your computer for one-on-one communication. If you'd like to try it, see the list below for popular chat sites to visit!

NOTE: Mount Vernon Net does not give technical support for chat programs or chat services. If you have problems, please view the program or website Help section (usually located in the top right corner) or else visit the product's website for contact info.

Yahoo Chat - Chat with other people and make new friends online! Yahoo Chat requires a Yahoo account, which is free.

MSN Chat - Chat live with other people on Microsoft Network's website.

Yahoo Clubs - Meet other people who share the same interests as you! Yahoo Clubs require a Yahoo account, which is free.

ICQ Chat Program - Communicate with friends around the world with this popular chat program.

MSN Messenger - Chat with your friends and make free long distance phone calls through the net.

AOL Instant Messenger - Add friends to your Buddy List and chat away.

Yahoo Pager - Join chat rooms, talk with friends, and send files.