Wireless Internet Service delivers super fast broadband speeds without the need of a phone line. Wireless is always connected. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can log on and stay on, all day if you want to!  Services are available for both home and business. With our new Business WiMax service you can have the best business grade broadband available at any price. WiMax delivers Quality of Service levels beyond those available from DSL or Cable Modem. Find out why the City of Mt. Vernon, Rend Lake College and a host of other businesses, government offices and schools have chosen Mt. Vernon. Net as their Internet Service Provider. Wireless Internet Service is remarkably affordable so tap into tomorrow, /today/, and ask our representatives about Wireless Internet Service from Mt. Vernon. Net!

If you live within the green area on the map above then you may be able to get the MVN Wireless signal. Call for a signal check if you live in the green area. MVN does not provide service to 100% of the green area due to obstructions like trees, foliage, buildings etc. The green area of the map is only to be used as a guide to decide if service may possibly be available for you.

Residential Wireless Broadband Service:
5mbs down and 1.5mbs up $65.00 per month
3mbps down and 1mbps up  $54.00 per month
0.75 mbps (750 thousand bits per second up and down) $45.00 per month
0.50 mbps (500 thousand bits per second up and down) $40.00 per month

We offer speeds from 512K to 1 Gigabit per second wirelessly for business, government and education purposes.

Call us at (618) 244-6868 to ask us about business solutions. We specialize in Virtual Private Network designs, LAN installations, WiMAX and other high end business networking solutions. No job is too big or too small for MVN.net. Call us at (618) 244-6868 for a free consultation about your networking needs for your school, government office, business, medical facility or enterprise networking application.

If you want service you will need to be put in for a signal check to see if you can get our service. Call our office or stop by to get started today.

Installation Fees:
$250 install fee or 0 install fee with a 1 year contract and Connect Protect for $6 additional a month (must be kept for the year). (early termination fee of $250)

Signal check fees:
$45.00 deposit - if you can receive our signal the deposit will be applied to first month service

Connect Protect
$6.00 per month - This is insurance that covers equipment and labor charges for repairs to your Internet service in your home. 

Open Internet Compliance Statement