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Before you start, you will probably need these two programs:

Winzip Compress and extract files that are in .zip format

Internet Explorer 5.5
Get the latest version of the world's leading web browser
Netscape Communicator 4.7
A popular alternative to Internet Explorer
Macromedia Flash 5 and Shockwave
Essential and excellent plug-in for your browser
Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser ("skins")
  Audio and Video
Real Player
Watch video clips and hear audio files over the internet
Media Player
Play MP3's with this stylish program that includes a variety of special effects
View a number of video formats, including .mov format
Listen to wav files and mp3's
  Chat Programs
Communicate with friends around the world with this popular chat program
MSN Messenger
Chat with your friends and make free long distance phone calls through the net
AOL Instant Messenger
Add friends to your Buddy List and chat away
Yahoo Messenger
Join chat rooms, talk with friends, and send files
  Webpage Utilities
Frontpage Express
Design your own webpages with this easy HTML editor
FTP Explorer
Upload your webpage files and graphics to your site
CNET Download.Com
You can find more exciting programs to download at this site