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Protecting Intellectual Property
Reproducing and/or distributing digitized copyright-protected or licensed materials without permission is a violation of federal law. 

i-SAFE Inc. has created this list of tips and reminders that can be used to help recognize what is and isn’t protected material to avoid violating the law.

Don’t copy or download commercial computer software.
With the exception of shareware, “borrowing” a CD from someone and downloading computer programs or games onto your computer for your own use constitutes theft even if you return the CD.

Be careful when using “sharing” software.
By using software programs like Kazaa, iMesh, and gnutella, users can unknowingly be allowing others to share files—as well as personal files—illegally with everyone on the Internet. Additionally, viruses are often hidden in files being shared on the Internet.

Always cite the information source.
Copying written materials from the Internet without citing the sources is plagiarism. Students should avoid the temptation to submit research papers purchased on the Internet as their own.

Get permission before downloading copyrighted materials.
Books, magazines, videos, computer games, and music require the permission of the author, publisher, or artist when copying, downloading, and using, even for personal use. Free doesn’t mean legal.

Download media legally.
There are a growing number of free or “pay for” sites available where you can legally acquire media. Research the site before downloading to ensure that the site is legal and has permission to distribute copyrighted materials.

Become a part of your child’s online experience.
It can be a fun journey to explore the wonders of the Internet as a family. As computer-savvy as kids and teens are today, they may even teach you a thing or two!

Learn about the Internet.
The more you know about how the Internet works, the better prepared you are to teach your children about how online predators operate and what you can do together to identify and elude them.

Get involved with i-SAFE Inc.
Raise Internet safety awareness by joining, creating, or supporting an i-PARENT Board in your school or community
organization, and informing other parents how to keep their families safe online.

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