Every week, MVN plans to add several websites that offer helpful or original features. Our previous Interesting Websites have been temporarily removed so we can update the list and get rid of links to sites that no longer exist.

Visitor input will be a great deal of help for this page. If you know of a site that you think is worth seeing, please send the address and description to webmaster@mvn.net. Also, if any link on this page doesn't work, please let us know. Thank you!


Featured Websites: (All links below have been mentioned on our main page.)

The mission of the Bob Woodruff Foundation provides resources and support to injured veterans!


Watch your favorite tv shows, movies and commercials free.

Browse and find health information!

Rules of Thumb.org
Funny facts, opinions and entertaining articles!

Tri-County Coop
Pay your Tri-County Electric bill online!

Michelle Margiotta
Singer-songwriter & worship leader, Michelle Margiotta released her new CD called, “State of Heart.”!

Mt Vernon Yahoo Map
Print, save or receive driving directions to Mount Vernon IL.

Coloring Printouts
Many coloring pages for kids! .

Friend Feed
Join a new friendly interactive online community..

Got a question about something? Then ask! Or browse other user questions & answers..

The Big Grip
Multi-player game where your kids create a character to rule their very own galaxy!

She Knows.com
Articles on health, beauty, diets, exercise, food, hobbies, home decor, parenting, weddings and other female-centric web

Start Sampling
FREE product samples that are mailed right to your door

Register an account and find others from your high school.

Good Reads
One of the largest online social network for readers. Sign up and make some new friends!

Heroes Under God
Providing Faith, Hope, and Love to service men and women. Send a letter, bible, snacks and more to troops.

Marks Art
Talented watercolor artist, Renee L Marks. View her beautiful work

Make your own ringtones, download freebies or purchase your favorite songs.

All free documentaries can be watched inside the browser without the need of registration.

Satellite Photos
Free high resolution satellite photos of the USA. Get an aerial view of where you live.

Urban legends. Have fun reading through the endless topics and discussions.

Taking a look back
Go in past and see how Yahoo, google, altavista or any other website looked 6 or 8 years ago..

Learn to Play Drums
FREE drum lessons online! Watch videos and join the forum.

Text Reminders
Very cool!! Join forums, set up profile & send reminders via text msg.

This cool search engine is powered by Yahoo.

All Recipes
All Holiday and Event Recipes.

Galax Seeds
Multi-player game where your kids create a character and rule their own galaxy!

Sports Illustrated
NFL News, scores, videos and photos from your favorite pro and college teams.

The Office (NBC Show)
Watch the latest episodes, photos, wallpapers, blogs and more!

Linked In.com
Create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise & accomplishments. Form enduring connections by inviting
trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you.

Vintage Tech Ads
Tech ads that will take you back to the birthing days of technology.

Christmas Crafts
Create ornaments with your kids this Christmas.

Facebook Goodies
Attention all you facebook addicts, check out these fun apps!!

Send Gifts to American Soldiers
Send some comforts of home to our military men & women serving in the war.

TCT Online Media
Watch your favorite inspirational TCT videos right from your computer.

Co-ed Softball Gallery
MVN Net/JL Digitalz 2009 game photos.

Future Me

Write an email to yourself, send it within 1-50yrs. Or read public emails that were sent.

Strange Facts
During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food! Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill. Read more strange facts!

Inspiring Testimonies
Christian women express their faith in forum, articles, stories, poetry, discussion, and study groups.

Love Language Quiz
Learn what your love language is. Read this inspiring book to learn more about all the 5 different love languages.

God & Internet Humor
Couldn't help but laugh at this website. Computer geeks will get a kick out of it.

Personas Fun
Watch as this website scours the internet looking for characterizing statements.

This is Sand
Interactive playing with internet sand. Fun to pass the time by.

Eternal Moonwalk
Very cool tribute to MJ! Submit your moonwalk video to eternal moonwalk & become part of the chain.

Kid Cartoonist
Submit your child's drawing and browse other creative drawings

Lets Go Flying
Ever dreamed about flying a plane? Aviation information and videos!

Women's Web
All about women. This is a great website list of women related topics.

Sudoku Puzzles
Scroll down on this page to view 33 Sudoku Puzzle websites!

Hunting & Fishing
A website full of information, forums, chat and more!

From Paris.com
Never been to Paris? Look at these beautiful panoramas and feel like you are there.

Cost of Living tips. What to save, how fast your savings will grow and more.

An automated call back service. It helps you escape unwanted situations by calling you automatically on your phone at anytime. Hilarious.

Identity Theft
An article on the life of Frank Abagnale and safety tips.

Golf Beginners
Learn golf tips by watching their step-by-step videos.

Health Resources
Nutrition tips, home remedies, natural alternative medicines and more.

Virtual Reality Webs
Create your character & worlds, then chat with other gamers.

Gardening Tips
The largest gardening resource including forums and articles.

Brittany Clarke
Talented local country artist with a unique sound. Just listen.

Pre-School Nerves
A little nerves are normal for children starting school. What can you do to help him/her during this time.

Gas Buddy
This website shows a map of average cost for regular gas of every county across the US.

Flu News & Updates
Keep up to date from the websites below www.idph.state.il.us & www.ready.illiness.gov .

Life Without Limbs Seek
Nick Vujicic shares hope across the globe.

Make a Movie
Choose your cartoon characters, animations, text for words, & more!

Absolute Astronomy
View photos, astronomy faq's & other informative related topics.

MLB Updates
Keep up to date on game scores and schedules.

Organize an online will, if you will.

Carlyle Lake Calendar of Events
Carlyle Lake, IL online calendar

Centralia Balloon Fest
Located at Centralia Foundation Park.

District 80 Schools
Mount Vernon's District 80 schools website.

Southern Illinois Miners
Individual, season & group tickets for the 2009 season are now available!

Family Seek
Family friendly search engine.

Unbelievable collection of exhibits of entertaining & interesting stories.

Listen to interactive web radio online, the Wii or on your cell phone.

Not Of This World provides cool Christian fashion from t-shirts to shoes.

DuQuoin State Fair
Learn how you can host your event at the 2009 fairgrounds!

Explore Illinois
Brochures, maps, local events, water parks, wineries, museums, etc.

Hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters by a team of professionals.

Keep up-to-date on political topics, updates and even President Obama's fashion wear.

Spring Sinus Tips
The reason we get sinus infections is our sinuses have defenses against germs.  Learn more helpful tips.

Sober SIDD
Southern Illinois Designated Drivers. Call SIDD when you've been drinking & they safely drive you home!

SIU Salukis Website
Up-to-date scheduling, ticket sales, visit the Salukis shop & more.

St. Louis Cardinals
MLB Spring Training, schedules, season tickets info and Cardinals news!

Chicago Cubs
MLB Spring Training, schedules, season tickets info & Chicago Cubs news!

Electronic cigarette device that enhances your ability to smoke without all the harmful effects. Some use it as a quitting tool!

Recycle Now
Recycling makes a real difference in protecting our environment. Start recycling today!

Loopt turns your mobile phone into a social compass. Very cool!

Money Saving Expert
Journalist research on cutting bills, saving money and other tips.

A popular topics website containing news, videos, etc,.

Design your very own book. Add poetry, blogs, photos, portfolio & more!

Family-friendly Christian social network. Videos, photos, music playlists, blogs & more.

Share your videos with your friends, family-right from your mobile phone.

Beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, & share them with the world.

Online memorials. Celebrate the life of your loved ones who have passed.

All Music
Search for your favorite artist/band. Old & new albums, articles, etc.

National Institutes of Health
NIH is the steward of medical and behavioral research for the Nation.

Consumer Reports
Ratings and recommendations on appliances, cars & trucks, electronic gear, and much more.

Arts, business, careers, education, parenting, health and other helpful resources.

FTD Florists
A popular internet and telephone marketer of flowers & gifts.

Call The Future
Schedule text message to be delivered as voicemail on any date.

Media Monkey
The music manager for serious music collectors & iPod users.

Gift Box
Online gift manager service, which will help you organize gifts you give or receive from special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and more!

Searches eBay for items you want to buy and notifies you via email or IM when its listed.

Flu Vaccinations
Flu facts about seasonal flu vaccine.

Online Alarm Clock
Set the wake up time and select one of the preset sounds.

Google Mobilizer
Makes your favorite websites mobile friendly. Must-have for your mobile bookmarks.

Orgami Art
Orgami lessons and amazing art gallery!

Retro Land
Go back in time to relive your favorite movies, shows, toys and related blogs.  Create your own profile!

Convert your MP3s to custom-length ringtones and forward them to your phone. Plus 1000s of free ringtones from other users.

Listen to your favorite podcasts from any phone.  

WSIL-TV Calendar
Local Events of Southern IL & St. Louis, MO 

Roadside America
Online guide to off beat tourist attractions.

A place for moms and moms-to-be to connect with one another.

Type in your zip code and view an extended weather forecast.

Southern Illinoisan
Southern Illinoisan website that covers local news, events and more.

The Southern Illinois news station.

Holiday Coloring Pages
Printable Christmas pages for Kids!.

Classic Holiday Commercials
Classics holiday commercials from the 80's, 90's & today (youtube.com archive)

CNET Downloads
Features excellent software to download for free, and also offers demos and shareware!

Free desktop themes for Windows 98/Me users! Also has fonts, screensavers, and wallpapers to add some excitement to your PC.

Fun questionnaires to help understand what kind of person you are!

Blue Mountain
The world's leader in online e-cards. You can choose from dozens of categories to send someone a free card in their email!

Win money, read world news, and more.

Coupon Paradise
Receive great discounts from major internet websites, including Amazon and CDnow! When you're ready to buy online, this site will give you instructions.

Daily updates of software, desktop themes, Linux, games, music and more!

Ranks the top websites, offers daily jokes, among many other things.

Project Gutenberg
This site features many free books to read online and tells the story of one man's dream to make literature freely available to everyone. Definitely worth visiting!

Spam at abuse.net
Learn how to stop the spread of junk mail in your email!

So You Wanna...
Learn how to do all kinds of things that you never learned in school!

The Open Diary
Take a candid look into the lives of other people by reading their online diaries.

Buy products for your pet! Includes toys, treats, tips & articles for your pet.

Optical Illusions
Features 27 pictures to play tricks on your eyes! This site is very fun and worth visiting.

Spam Killer
This award winning software helps stop the spread of spam in your e-mail account.

Watch visual demonstrations on how to use the internet, including browsers, chat, and email.
(Requires Flash)

Barnes & Noble
Do your shopping online with Barnes & Noble! You can order books, music, videos, and DVD with the click on your mouse.

This website features a large collection of streaming music and videos to watch from the comfort of your computer!

A hilarious collection of video clips and games! The archive features over 30 funny files so have your speakers on.

The Spark
Home of the popular "Personality Test" and many other tests to see what kind of person you really are! You can also share your results with your friends!

Mighty Big TV
Did you miss an episode of your favorite TV show? Visit here for recaps of all the popular shows on TV!

Ad Critic
Preview movie clips and trailers online.

The silence has been broken in the exciting sequel to Silence of the Lambs.

Offers technical support for your computer. Visit this site for a large archive of informative files.

Download desktop wallpapers, screensavers, photos, and 3D art for your computer.

Funny, clever, and unique signatures to use at the end of your emails!

Movie Mistakes
Some of the most popular movies ever made are filled with humorous flubs. Visit here to find out what went wrong in some of our favorite flicks!

Flow Go
Have fun with daily picks, jokes, and newsletters.

The Dingbat Pages
Offers a large selection of unique and original fonts to download for your computer. Fonts are available for both Windows and Mac format so visit today!

Accidental Inventions
Find out how some of the greatest inventions of all time were created by mistake! Includes the origin of Coca-Cola and Post It notes!

Andy Foulds
Check out some of the fun and interesting Flash animations by this UK artist.

Urban Legends
Get the facts and fiction behind some of the most popular folklore.

Encarta Homework
Students can use this excellent website from Encarta to receive help with their homework. Subjects include Math, Science, and Geography.

Hot Braille
This award winning site enables visitors to write letters to the blind in braille.

Class Action
A great resource to find out if the model of your car has been recalled or if any class action cases have been started.

Resource Management
Is your computer slow when it starts up due to all the programs that load? This site will help fix that - READ CAREFULLY!

Search the world around you with this fun and easy site!
[Thanks to Bruce Shurtz]

Roswell Rods
Read all about these flying mysteries, which appear to "swim" through the air! Includes photos, video clips, and theories.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery
The name says it all!
[Thanks to Trish Breeze]

Clumsy Crooks
A hilarious lineup of true stories of actual crimes committed by clumsy crooks and foolish felons.
[Thanks to Bruce Shurtz]

Monitor Camera
Take pictures of yourself from your computer without a camera! All you need is your monitor. Say cheese!

Stock Talk
Discuss and communicate with other people about current stocks. Features many categories to choose from and even advice.

Real Arcade
The all in one internet game service features a library of downloadable games to play on the web!
[Thanks To John Scrivner]

ZDNet Virus Guide
New computer viruses are unleashed on the net almost weekly! Click here for a current guide to what viruses are out there and protect your PC.

Jump the Shark
The defining moment when your favorite TV show has just went down hill.

Baby Center
Having a baby? Let this website be your guide to questions about pregnancy, infant care, and more.

Like to look at photos? This site features over 1.6 million photographers! Be sure to type in "Shurtz, Charles" on the frontpage to see an MVN.NET technician's work!

Real Magic
Fun magic tricks online, and also Optical Illusions to play games with your eyes!
[Thanks To Bruce Shurtz]

Mt. Vernon Airport
Visit the newly re-designed website for Mt. Vernon Airport Authority!
[Designed By MVN.NET]

Rotten Tomatoes
If you're wondering what the critics are saying about a particular movie, visit this site for a list of reviews, comments, and ratings.

Easter Eggs Archive
Easter Eggs are hidden mistakes or jokes that people discover in computer software or movies. Some of them could be on your computer right now. Visit this site for details on spotting them.

Stanford Products
Visit this site, home of the Doctor Machine and Slitter/Rewiners.
[Designed By MVN.NET]

Rotten Tomatoes
If you're wondering what the critics are saying about a particular movie, visit this site for a list of reviews, comments, and ratings.

Easter Eggs Archive
Easter Eggs are hidden mistakes or jokes that people discover in computer software or movies. Some of them could be on your computer right now. Visit this site for details on spotting them.

Stanford Products
Visit this site, home of the Doctor Machine and Slitter/Rewiners.
[Designed By MVN.NET]

How would you like to rent an unlimited number of DVD's for $20 a month? Netflix is the place to go! Join today!

Kiss My Freckled Butt Goodbye
Are you sick and tired of work and looking for a funny place to relieve your stress? Visit this site to write an imaginary letter of resignation and read letters by other disgruntled workers!
[Contains mild profanity]

Find hundreds of cool skins for Windows Media Player, Winamp, ICQ, and more!

Roots Web
Find information on your families history, includes information for getting started, a message board, and a detailed list of other resources.

Yahtzee Online
Play a game of Yahtzee while online!

Symantec's Anti-Virus/Security Pages
Find information on how to detect and remove viruses from your computer.

You Don't Want My Ex
Check Here Before Accepting that Date!

Find out if there is really a law against this or that

This program keeps Pop Up Windows from appearing

Match Messenger
This software allows you to chat live with other who are looking, you can seach by age, interests, martital status, etc.

What is Is
Find the meaning to technical terms here

Norbert's Emulators
Play Java Versions of classic games from the 70s & 80s

Birds of Illinois
A List of all bird species known to exist in Illinois along with individual species accounts

Bat Conservation International
Learn about bat conservation, how to safely eliminate bats from your home, and how to build a bat house

Tony Cecchine's Catch Wrestling
One of the most popular video training series for people interested in Martial Arts.

National Wildlife Federation
Certify your backyard as a wildlife habitat.

Baby Center
Web center for new mothers.

Three Fat Chicks
Dieting Informations.

First Amendment Center
Many First Amendment issues are currently being discussed.

Department of Health and Human Services
Information for your health..