This page will be updated soon with advanced help for FAQ's.

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  • How do I change which phone number I'm dialing to access Mount Vernon Net?

    For Windows 95 and 98:

    1.  Double-Click on the icon labeled "My Computer" on your desktop. 

    2.  Double-Click on the yellow folder labeled "Dial-Up Networking" that is inside the My Computer window. 

    3.  Inside of the new window that appears, there should be an icon labeled "Mount Vernon Net, "", "mvn" or something to that effect.  Right-hand click on this icon.  A menu should appear. 

    4.  From this menu, select "properties".  A new screen will appear. 

    5.  Find on this new screen where the phone number is typed in, and change it to the number you wish to dial.  For a list of Mount Vernon Net access phone numbers, click

    6.  Click the "Ok" button at the bottom of the screen, and you're ready to go! 

  • What should I do when my connection frequently disconnects while I'm using the Internet? 

    There are quite a few problems that can cause frequent disconnects.  Your best bet to get this problem fixed is to call our technical support at 618-244-6868.  We have been very successful at fixing this problem, and we are very glad to help you out! 

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  • How do I set up my email to work with Mount Vernon Net?

  • Email setup depends greatly on which mail client you are using to access your email.  A "mail client" is a program that helps you to access your mail.  Here are instructions on how to set up your email in a few of the more common mail clients.

    Outlook Express

    1.  Start "Outlook Express"

    2.  From the top set of menus, select "Tools" by clicking on the word tools one time. 

    3.  A menu will appear.  From this menu click on the word "Accounts". 

    4.  A new window, labeled "Internet Accounts" will appear.  From here, select "Add".  A menu will appear.  From this menu, select "Mail". 

    5.  A new window will appear.  The screen will be labeled "Internet Connection Wizard".  This screen will walk you through the setup of a new email account.  It will ask you for some information about yourself, your email account, and, our service. 

    6.  The first thing the wizard will ask you for is your Name.  An example of this would be "John Doe" or "The Doe Family".  This field is free-form, and, can contain uppercase and lowercase letters.  After you have typed this information into the box, click "Next". 

    7.  Next, the wizard will ask you for your email address.  This is your username, followed by "".  For example, if your username is "charlie", then your email address will be "".  Your email address should be listed on your Mount Vernon Net Reference Sheet near the top.  Type your email address into the box, and then click "Next". 

    8.  The next screen will ask you for some information about your mail servers.  The Mount Vernon Net mail server is named "".  This is to be used for both the incoming, and, the outgoing mail server.  Also, Mount Vernon Net's incoming mail server is of the type "POP3".  Make sure all the information on this screen is filled out, and then click "Next". 

    9.  The next screen will ask you for your account name and password.  This is the username and password you picked when you signed up for your Mount Vernon Net service.  Enter your username in the "Account Name" field, and your password in the box labeled "Password" and then click "Next".  (note: Do NOT enable "Secure Password Authentication" (SPA). 

    10.  The next screen will ask for a "Friendly Name" for the account.  This is simply a name by which the account will be identified.  The default is normally okay.  Just click "Next" to continue with the setup. 

    11.  The next screen will ask you to choose a connection type.  Choose "Connect Using My Phone Line" and then click "Next". 

    12.  The next screen will ask you which dialup connection you wish to use to access your mail.  Select "Mount Vernon Net", and then click next. 

    13.  The next, and final, screen will ask you to click finish.  Once you have done this, your Mount Vernon Net email should be correctly set up. 

  • Other Programs

    To set up a program not listed here, you will need the information on our
    Reference Sheet

  • How do I Check my email?? 

    Once again, this is greatly dependent on which program you use for checking your email.  Here are examples for a few of the most commonly used programs. 

    Outlook Express

    1.  Start Outlook Express by clicking on the icon on your desktop, or, on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen. 

    2.  When Outlook Express starts, it should dial your modem and connect to the Internet, if you have not done so already. 

    3.  Once you are into Outlook Express, you will see a button labeled "Send and Receive".  To check your email, click on this button one time.  You should start seeing your email appearing in the window in the middle of the screen. 

    4.  To read your new mail, simply double-click on the text line that represents the message. 

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  • How do I change which home page loads when I start Internet Explorer? 

    1.  Click the button labeled "Start" on your Windows taskbar. 

    2.  On the menu that pops up, click "Settings", and then "Control Panel". 

    3.  A new window will appear.  This is your "Control Panel".  Inside the Control Panel window, there will be an icon labeled "Internet", or possibly "Internet Options".  Double-click this icon. 

    4.  A new window will appear on your screen.  At the top of this screen, you should see a section labeled "Home Page".  In this section, there should be a text box labeled "Address".  Erase whatever is typed into this box, and type in the address of the page you wish to be your home page.  To make the Mount Vernon Net homepage your homepage, type in the address "" (without the quotes, of course). 

    5.  Click "Ok" at the bottom of the screen, and you're set! 

  • How do I eliminate pop-up ads? 

    Method #1. You may download and install Mozilla or Avant. Both of these browsers have pop-up blocking features by default. Also, both browsers may be used without cost.
    Method #2. If you don't want to part with Internet Explorer as your browser, you may install adsbgone. Absgone is a pop-up blocker that works with Internet Explorer and may be purchased here.
    One final thought note: If ads are being displayed even when the browser is closed you may need to check your system for spyware.