Mt. Vernon Net is not just another Internet Provider. We can tailor any data communications solution to fit your business' needs. With corporate email hosting each person in your company can connect easily with the desk next to them or to someone across the planet using the same easy Internet email account. This is a seamless way to easily send a message about an appointment or attach documents and send them virtually anywhere from across the office to across the country.

With VPN services you can attach to your office from home using wireless or dialup connections. View documents, make spreadsheets, check your appointments all from your home or from any PC with VNC services from MVN. VPN and VNC with wireless technology can make any Internet connected PC part of your office network seamlessly. And when you hit save your changes will be right there at your office without driving there.

Wireless Internet is your path to Internet perfection. No other service can beat wireless. With constant connections and great speed you will find uses and advantages you never even thought of. You can leave your email program open all the time and set to check for mail every couple of minutes. That way when someone sends you a message it will be on your computer in seconds. You can run Instant messaging services like ICQ to communicate with friends, family and business associates instantly. There really is no need for a telephone if you and everyone you know is using wireless technology with instant messaging. Your computer can be setup with VPN and VNC for remote access giving you access to your data from anywhere in the world. You can use a PC video camera and instantly communicate via your own personal video conferencing link with others all over the world. It is like having a high quality video telephone. Think of it as your own TV station where you get to pick who watches and who you watch. This allows you to meet as if you are in person. All that's missing is the handshake.

This just scratches the surface of what MVN can do to make Internet more than just a toy or a curiosity. Internet is a serious tool for business and we can help you get these tools and use them to their full potential. Give us a call at (618) 244-6868 or email for more information about our services.