If you have questions your current bill or our prices, you can e-mail billing@mvn.net. For your convenience, we have posted a list of our general prices:

Residential Account: $20.00/Month, Billed Quarterly ($60.00 / 3 Months)

This is our most standard account. This is an account tailored for residential home and family use. It includes:

- 1 Dialup Internet Service.
- 1 Email Account.
- 2 Megabytes of space on our web server.
- Technical Support.

Business Account: $30.00/Month, Billed Quarterly ($90.00 / 3 Months)

Our business account is geared toward business users. This account includes:

- 1 Dialup Internet Service.
- 3 email accounts on our mvn.net domain (i.e. user@mvn.net).
- 50 Megabytes of space on our web server (i.e. http://www.mvn.net/yourcompanyname/).
- Technical Support.

Virtual Domain: $35.00/Month, Billed Quarterly ($105.00 / 3 Months)

Additional Costs:
$50.00 Setup
$70.00 InterNIC Domain Name Charge (Billed Directly by the InterNIC)

Total Startup Costs: $225.00

Our Virtual Domain account allows you to have email/Web Hosting/FTP at yourcompany.com!  We take care of the domain registration, email server, and web server for you!  This account includes:

- Domain Name Service for your domain.
- Email services under your domain for 3 email accounts (i.e. you@yourcompany.com Additional accounts available).
- 50 Megabytes of space on a web server bearing your domain name (i.e. www.yourcompany.com).
- Technical Support (Please call us for details).
- 1 Dial-up Internet service (If available from us in your area).

Banner Advertisement: $30.00/Month, Billed Quarterly ($90.00 / 3 Months)

This service allows you to display an advertisement at the top of our web page. This will be seen by many Mount Vernon Net customers daily. This ad is randomly selected from the list of advertisers using this service.  For an additional $50, we can create the ad for you.

Dedicated Internet Service: Call for pricing (618) 244-6868.

We offer a broad range of dedicated analog and digital services for 24 hour per day connections.  Please call us for pricing.