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Preventing Spam In Your E-mail

Why do you I receive so many junk messenges in my e-mail and how can I stop them?

Junk mail (sometimes called "spam") has become a serious problem for internet users. Although it is nearly impossible to prevent junk mail, here are some important tips to help cut down on it.

1) DON'T click on anything in the e-mail that says "Click here to be removed from our list." This is often the sender's trick to see if your e-mail address exists. If you reply, the sender KNOWS your account is active and will sell your address to more and more people. Unless the email is from someone you know that you've signed up with (i.e. Amazon.com, Ebay.com, etc) then delete the message and don't reply.

2) If a friend sends you a chain letter and your e-mail address is listed with other addresses you don't recognize, reply back to your friend and politely tell him/her to NOT do that again. You have no idea who those other people are on the address list and they may start adding you to their address lists too. In the future, your friend should put addresses in the BCC box in email, which keeps everyone's address hidden, or "blind."

3) Ignore messages that say you've been selected to win a prize or claim to be offering you something you can't buy anywhere else. Common sense works best for these messages. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

4) Be careful about posting your e-mail address on message forums, websites, and mailing lists. Some people send out "spiders" to browse the internet and store every email address that is found, then send junk mail to each one.

Overall, remember to be careful about who you give your e-mail address to. You wouldn't give out your home address to everyone in the world, would you? Keep that in mind when you post your email address on the web because it's the same rule. And don't feel like it's your fault when you receive junk mail. Just like unsolicited phone calls, we all receive emails we didn't ask for.